Sperax USD — The Best Crypto Passive Income Generator | Auto-Yield Explanation!

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Sperax USD — The Best Passive Income Source!

The crypto market is known for being highly volatile and with the help of volatility, traders earn money but everyone doesn’t have enough time to monitor the market constantly.

This is the reason, generating passive income is a popular option for many crypto investors. However, in order to generate passive income, users need to lock their funds for a certain period of time.

Now the problem with the lockup period is, that users need to wait till the end time to receive rewards along with the deposited tokens and we know that all users don’t have the patience to wait for the reward by locking their funds, that’s why they need something easier and better.

The solution is Sperax USD (USDs). Sperax USD is a stablecoin that allows users to earn rewards without forcing them to lock their funds. Sperax’s reward-generation process is also known as Auto-Yield.

What’s The Benefits of USDs Auto Yield?

1. No Lock →

The first and most important benefit is users don’t need to lock or stake their tokens to earn rewards instead they will earn organic yield automatically by holding USDs in their wallet.

For example, you keep the amount in your bank account, and you regularly earn interest depending on the amount you have in your bank account.

Similar to bank accounts, users need to hold USDs in their wallet to keep getting auto-yield rewards every 7 days. However, unlike bank accounts, USDs is completely decentralized because it runs on the Arbitrum network, and is backed by on-chain collateral.

2. No Gas Fees →

Since everything is automatic in Auto-Yield, users don’t need to worry about gas fees because there is no staking or claiming process involved.

No action is required from the users, they just need to hold USDs and their wallet balance will keep growing.

3. Auto Compounding →

Sperax distributes rewards to all USDs holders every 7 days, which works like auto compounding (compound interest).

For example, suppose you have 10,000 USDs and the first week you receive 10 USDs as a reward then next week your rewards will be based on 10,010 USDs instead of 10,000 USDs.

4. Organic Yield →

Sperax USD holders can earn an organic yield of up to 11%.

Sperax tries to maintain a target yield of 11% APY (maximum) but the actual APY depends on the strategies where collateral is deployed. In case, Sperax generates over 11% yield, they store extra yield in the yield reserves that will be used for funding yields in the future.

Yield calculator

Sperax also allows you to calculate the expected earnings on your holding.

You need to visit app.sperax.io in your browser and click on the Calculator Button.

Now suppose you’re going to hold 10,000 USDs for 365 Days. In This case, your expected earnings will be around 555 USDs.

Please note that your actual earnings will be different because Sperax distributes rewards every 7 days, which works like compound interest, and APY also changes regularly, which also affects the actual earnings.

Buy Sperax USD→

You don’t need to lock your USDs or pay gas fees in staking/claiming but in order to start earning yield you need to buy USDs.😜

You can use Transak or Onmeta to purchase USDs using Fiat currency and if you prefer decentralized exchange, you can use Uniswap, Camelot etcetera.

I will show you steps using Camelot but you can use any Dex of your choice because the steps will be almost the same.

1. Open app.camelot.exchange in your browser and connect the crypto wallet of your choice.

2. Select a token in the ‘From’ section that you will use to pay → Select USDs Token in the ‘To’ section → Enter the amount you want to buy → Click on the Approve ARB button.

3. You might also see a ‘Custom Spending Cap’ option. The custom spending cap is the amount this dApp can access now or in the future.

Custom Spending Cap amount can be changed anytime in the future so for now, you can enter any amount but the amount should be equal to or lower than your wallet balance.

After that, Follow on-screen instructions to complete the Approval Process from your wallet.

4. If Approval is successful, you will see the Swap button. Click on the Swap button to continue.

5. Double-check the amount and click Swap again.

6. Click Confirm from your wallet to complete the Transaction and wait for a few seconds.

7. Swap is successful. Now you will see USDs in your wallet.

8. Now you can also connect your wallet to app.sperax.io to see your Sperax USD balance.

Now you don’t need to do anything but still your wallet balance will keep growing.

This article has come to an end. I hope you found this article helpful. However, if you have any queries or questions, please ask in the comment section below.




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