NIOX Maker Overview | How Does it Work?

NIOX Maker

What is NIOX Market Maker?

The NIOX Maker is a market-making module that makes trades faster and more accurate through creative algorithms, complex calculations, and thousands of data points gathered from the user’s exchange.

Key Features

  • Easy To Set UP → You just need to get the API key from the exchange you want to connect and paste in the NIOX Maker settings section.
  • Easy To Use → You just need to select the trading pair and enter basic details(order size, spread, etc.) to start trading. In case, if you’re facing problems, you can also read Quick Start Guide.
  • No Minimum Amount Required → NIOX Maker doesn’t force you to start trading with any minimum amount but you need at least whatever minimum amount the exchange required.
  • Supports Top Crypto Exchanges → NIOX Maker can be connected via API to the top tier exchanges including Binance, Kucoin, Loopring, Tomodex,, and AscendEX.
  • Swarm Reward Campaigns → Users get a chance to earn extra rewards by building liquidity/volume for the active trading pairs in the campaigns section.

How Does NIOX Market Maker Works?

As you all know, the Crypto market is very volatile. The price of the trading pair changes every second.

How Does NIOX Market Maker Make Money?

NIOX Maker has Buy and Sell spread setting. You need to enter buy and sell spread as per your requirement. Spread is the distance between the buying and selling price.

How To Setup NIOX Market Maker and Start Trading?

1. Open the NIOX Maker website in your browser.

Login into NIOX Maker
Confirm Login in Metamask
Enter API Details
Funds in Your Exchange
Enter Details to Start Trading Bot

Tips →

1. Refresh Time and Spread

You should always set up refresh time and spread percentage properly.

2. Don’t Trade Long Term Hold

If you will trade a coin that you’re holding for the long term, you might end up will less coins because the bot place buy and sell orders in a regular interval but sometimes one order gets filled and another doesn’t.

Two Advanced Trading Settings I Liked

1. Hanging Orders

If one of the orders(Buy or Sell) gets filled then it will not cancel the other side of the order instead Hanging orders setting will keep the order open in the order books.

2. Staggered Orders

Staggered orders allow you to divide the order size at the different spread(or price). For example, 50% of order size at 0.1% spread, 25% at 0.4% spread, 25% at 08% spread.



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